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Wednesday, February 6

Is a job applicant's criminal history relevant to employment?

Criminal records and employment: Special Issue Employment Law Bulletin (2012) 18(8) ELBA

General Editor, 'Is a job applicant's criminal history relevant to employment? The law and employer practice in recruitment '
Bronwyn Naylor, 'Living down the past: why a criminal record should not be a barrier to successful employment'
Moira Paterson, 'Restrictions on employers' handling of criminal records information: privacy and confidentiality issues'
Marilyn Pittard, 'Discrimination law: constraints on criminal record checks in recruitment'
Georgina Heydon, 'Risk and rehabilitation in criminal records checking by employers: what employers are doing and why'

Dr Bronwyn Naylor
Associate Professor
Director LLB Program
Law Faculty Monash University
Victoria 3800 Australia
Tel: + 613 9905 3319

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