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Wednesday, March 10

Adult Student Guide

Looking for new material? Here is a link to the great resource. Its an American site that has loads of resources and self directed learning resources that you could use for the students and also in your preparation for classes ok. The site is the Adult Student Guide. Here is an example for developing goals:
  • Decide where you are / what your current status is: Use your feelings and intuition, assess your situation, obtain and analyze any available data, and ask for input from others.
  • Locate where you want to go or be: Based on where you are, decide where you want to go.
  • Develop a course based on the conditions you want to satisfy: Using the data collected above, and input from other sources, create a listing or chart of what steps need to be accomplished to get to where you want to be.
  • Chart your progress: Check off the items accomplished. Make notes about things that need updating or changing.
  • Alter plans based on new information and opportunities: Time changes things no matter what. What you dreamed of 5 years ago may be quite different from what you visualize now. New obstacles, responsibilities, and opportunities are sure to pop up after the first draft of your goals. Don't be afraid to revisit the plan to add new tasks or delete items that are no longer relevant. Worth checking out ok - http://www.adultstudent.com/student/goals.html


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