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Thursday, June 30


After extensive investigation my sources can reveal that all those presenters who kept on disappearing from the room were in fact making use of a TAFE embedded Hotel Room with full services just three classroom doors away!!!!!!!! While you and I were slaving away at this damn blogging thing, there they were sitting in hotel luxury sipping pink gins no doubt!!!!!


Who was the learned colleague who had the choice of the riot squad to be called to Dentof Woots Manor OR being sent to her room by the management, for what must have been the most obscene crime to have tressled its carpets since Queen Victoria and Albert Einstein once stayed there in 1907? And what was his/her heinous act?

"The Three Sisters" as seen from Wendon Foots Manor about 2am after conferenshing with Derek!!

PAUL est arrivé.

OUI OUI..ici..cliquez le MOUSE ici !!!!!!

Je suis arrivé... où sont les enfants.... aux montagnes bleues...? ...mon petit Mini Mignon Dominion

Wednesday, June 29

Katoomba Workshop

What a great workshop! -I really enjoyed Leigh's session on Tuesday - he was so inspiring. Thanks Jude, Lesley, Paul and Elizabeth for all your help yesterday - I definitely needed it!

The Gods are with us!!!

Adding pictures has alway been a bit complicated in blogger, however just for us, they have started a new service that is going to make it a lot easier. The results below....

Tuesday, June 28

This post is via email

Another method of posting is via email. You can set this up in you blogger settings under the email tab. ********************************************************************** This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged information or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended recipient please delete it and notify the sender. **********************************************************************

Friday, June 24

Teaching Inspirations

Looking for inspiration for this week's class? Look no further - you can find dozens of ideas to base classes on right here

Monday, June 20

emailing pictures and text to our blogs

email blog log
emailing pictures and text to our blogs
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One technology we are pretty comfortable with is email. If you can send an attachment with your email - you are set to go - that is to put a message on the blog with a picture. If you can't send an attachment we can guide you through that process. Flickr offers a service where we can store our images with them, but having setup the account we need never return, simply use the email address they supply us with and send our pictures directly to the blog. The Subject for the email becomes the title for you blog posting, the message of your email becomes the body of your blog posting.