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Wednesday, September 14

Outreach Conference Tune Into SubUrban Sistaz

Krystal Food for thought was the call of the day during the presentation the Aboriginal Eudcation by John Lester. With the challenge before them, Outreach staff head outdoors to the foodfest prepared by the dedicated Gibbah Gunyah staff. Great food and great company - what more could u ask for....that u may well ask....Fellow Outreachers were wooed by the urban rap lyrics by SubUrban Sistaz. The teenagers recently participated in a hip-hop course run at Granville Outreach.

Sunrise at Gibba Gunyah

The first day of the 2005 NSW Statewide Outreach Conference. Everyone is asleep with a maybe a little bit of a shiner but who cares with a great sunrise like this to look forward to every morning away from the loved ones :>)

Tuesday, September 13

Cert Outreach Pop Ed

Certificate in Outreach & Popular √ąducation: here is the latest updated information of these Term 4, 2005 Workshops (13 Sept. 05)