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Tuesday, November 29

Photos of Outreach 'Introduction to Floristry' displays

Here are some photos of the Outreach 'Introduction to Floristry course' for NESB people and their teachers, and the lovely floral displays they prepared for their final class.

Introduction to Floristry course for NESB students

Outreach at Richmond has just completed a 12 week course "Introduction to Floristry", specifically designed for people of Non English Speaking Background. The 12 week course was team taught by an English and a Floristry teacher and covered practical hands-on floristry skills as well as some of the English terms and language around the floristry industry. Students were from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, China, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Liberia. On the final day of the course they put together a display of their new skills. One student gained some work experience with a Floristry business as a result of the course. Another has been able make and sell small floral arrangements to members of an African community group in Western Sydney. Most of the participants came from the Blacktown area so the trip out to Richmond College each week was in itself an experience for many.

Monday, November 7

Hello! welcome to Outreach Central Station

Just a wee note to let you who's who in state office at the moment. Derek
  • Derek Waddell - Relieving Manager, TAFE Equity and Outreach;
  • Sue Sim - Acting SEO, Corrections;
  • Donna Johnston (aka toxic) - Clerical Support;
  • Kaye Lockhart - Acting CEO, Outreach;
  • Maria Leontios - SEO, TAFE Equity and Outreach;
Donna We had the chance to catch Derek and Donna in action at a recent leanscope workshop in the Blue Mountains so we thought we would share it with you all too ok.