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Saturday, January 21

Happy New Year

Another summer holiday drawing to an end. I hope you are all refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges and opportunites that will greet you this year. I have been doing my homework for "Certificate in Outreach & Popular Education" and been directed to some inspirational links. If you are in need of inspiration check them out.
Highlander Research and Education Center
http://www.hrec.org/ The HREC located in Tennessee USA, was founded in 1932 and is the one of the oldest and best-known popular education centres in the world. Highlander has inspired workers, grassroots leaders, community organisers, educators, and researchers to address some of the most pressing social, environmental and economic problems facing the people of the American South. This site has a list of programs, resources, and links to local community organisations.
Liberal Adult Education in Sweden
http://www.folkbildning.se/Default.asp?c=60 This site offers an overview of how popular education is viewed in Scandinavia. For more than a hundred years Swedish people have come together to examine their lifestyles in order to strengthen their opportunities for influencing their own situation and often to influence and change social conditions; to listen to lectures; and finally, to take part in cultural projects. Around 75 percent of Swedish people aged from 18 to 75 have at some time taken part in a study circle. Many links in this site are in Swedish.