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Friday, April 6

Getting ready for another round....

I have just listened to a conversation between Alex Hayes and Wendy Zammit about some of the options we should be exploring to enable us to provide truly rich and accessible tools to support our practice.
The recording with Wendy was a little patchy as we had a staggered line and my headphones need replacing however here is the recording.
It is well worth going to, Alex also demonstrates using wikieducator and talks about the advantages of using such tools in the current environment. Prospective team members might like to leave a comment here with some feedback for the team.

Thursday, April 5

Redefining Who We Are and What We Do?

What with all the cirriculum writing for the new units of competencies that are aspiring to capture the essence and heart of what makes Outreach, we thought we might use technology to help us along the way hey. If you would like to look at what is now being said about Outreach or should I say what is not being said and you would like to add your two bobs worth......get a load of this.
Outreach programs ensure NSW education is accessible to learners who face barriers to learning. Barriers to learning include geographical and social isolation, language and cultural factors, financial hardship, lack of educational confidence, being unaware of opportunities to learn, a disability or family commitments. Outreach Coordinators talk with communities, agencies, government and industry to determine the location, length, time and type of course needed. Courses may include modules from a range of vocational courses, depending on the needs of local groups.
Want to have a closer look at more then click here!

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