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Tuesday, October 21

Accommodation Prices in Sydney - Who Would Believe Me?

Have you ever had that awful awful feeling of "where am I going to stay in Sydney" and hey not to mention "at a place that suits my budget". Well we have found a pretty good tool for that hey.
What happened was that my sister Susan is coming to Sydney for a conference with her work at Lifeline in Cairns and some of her colleagues were asking for some recommendations and Lesley has not been in the conference organising bizzo for a while so I had to go and search the net hey and found this great link with extradinary results that I thought f@#% I have just got to share it with OUTreachers........for example a room at Darling Harbour for under $120 or how about a room in the city for under $100. Too good to believe it hey! Well go on, take a look at it yourself - http://www.ratestogo.com.au/SearchResults.asp?CityID=1