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Tuesday, November 17

Hello to the IT Ultimo Mob

We r sitting here in M1.10 checking out bogging with Gary

Wednesday, November 11

Practitioner experiences and expectations with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104): A discussion of the issues

NCVER have published discussion paper about the experiences and expectations of the Training and Assessment (TAA40104). As the standard teaching qualification in the vocational education and training (VET) sector and its adequacy and relevance are interrogated.
The paper provides a good historical context and raises issues about teacher efficacy. It is part of a review process in relation to the TAA Cert IV.
Your comments would be appreciated to generate some informed discussion.
In focusing on some of the key concerns about the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Smith (2004, p.73) emphasised the fact that the training of people teaching in the VET sector is highly complex, particularly as trainers and assessors are operating in diverse settings and contexts and under a range of employment agreements and conditions. As a consequence, Smith suggests, the preparation of teachers and trainers is not likely to be as straightforward as it might be for teachers in other educational sectors. Extreme diversity and complexity ensure that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to teacher education in the sector is unlikely to work.